QCM Sensor

The QCM sensor is eligible to measure nanometer-level of
mass which invisible to human.

The Professional Manufacturer of Quartz Crystal Sensor

PIEZOPARTS CO.,Ltd. is the professional manufacturer of quartz crystal sensor for over 25 years. The quartz crystal sensor will measure the high precision frequency by the inverse piezoelectric effect. The crystal oscillators are used in quarts watches, wireless communications, computers and various uses. And quartz crystal sensors will be used as one principal part of the oscillators.
Our main business is as the professional manufacturer to produce the quartz crystal sensors which are the very important parts in the electronics industry nowadays. Our products have been used not only domestically, to internationally!

The quartz crystal sensor’s usage has been increased miscellaneously thus the process of these productions are becoming complicated in these days. In fact, we will make our best efforts to meet our customers’ expectations. We also have a business to recycle our used quartz crystal sensors to re-fabricate; therefore, we may contribute to the cost reduction, the energy saving and the environmental protection.
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QCM Sensor


When material adheres to the electrode surface of QCN sensor, the resonant frequency changes according to the mass of the material.
In other words, QCM sensor is eligible for sensing nanometer level of mass and consequently become a great function of mass measurement.
We are specialized in this business since 1990 in Japan, hence we keep our products quality accurate and stability high with our technique which have been cultivated throughout history.

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