QCM Sensor

The QCM sensor can sense by vibration at the mass of
the nanometer-level which human can`t tell.

The Professional Manufacturer of Crystal Sensor

Piezo Part is the professional manufacturer of crystal sensor for over 25 years. The crystal sensor can get the high precision frequency by the inverse piezoelectric effect. The crystal oscillators which use the principle are used in quarts watches, wireless communications, computers and various uses.
Our main business is the professional manufacturer of the crystal sensors. The crystal sensor is the very important parts in the electronics industry. Our customers are all over the world.

The process of productions are getting miscellaneous. We`ll do our best to meet the expectations of our customers We encourage our customers to recycling the crystal sensors,. It`s good for the cost reduction, the energy saving and the environmental protection. Please fell free to get contact with us if you have any any question about the crystal sensor.

QCM Sensor


When material adheres to the electrode surface of a QCN SENSOR, the resonant frequency changes in relation to the mass of the material. According to the amount of change to the resonant frequency of the QCM SENSOR, it is possible to capture nanometer-level material to be a micro-gravimetric sensor. Our QCM SENSOR makes use of the special property of the high stability of crystal Sensor.

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We sell the OLED device manufacture deposition equipment and deposition sources, etc. Both the good crystal sensors and deposition sources are very important for the stable evaporation process control.

Inorganic material evaporation cell: MBE Cell

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